From the recording FREE WHEN I DREAM

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This is a song written by Ben Bochner. I made some subtle changes to the original version. It is amazing to me how the lyrics relate to what is happening today with immigration and so many people dreaming of becoming U.S. citizens. Of course the lyrics are broader than that and have as many meanings as there are listeners. Ben is no longer with us to sing his songs , so it feels right to me to keep his songs alive and in new forms. I would love to hear your thoughts on this recording. My friend Ralph (Slim) Novak recorded me at his studio and I mixed it. It was a chance for me to play acoustic guitar, sing and play harmonica and perform the song solo and all in one take.


I’ve been reading the news, and I just gotta say
We’re losing our freedom, more and more each day
And the Statue of Liberty is fading away
But I’m free when I dream, I’m free when I dream
Free when I dream, Free when I dream

They’re listening in to our conversations
They know who we talk to they shape what we see
They deceive and distort with dis-information
But I’m free when I dream…

They say we can’t win they say we can’t fight ‘em
Cuz they got the power and they got the machine
But I’ve got a light that shines in the darkness
But I’m free when I dream… (x2)


You can put me in chains you can hold me in bondage
Batter my body and my dignity
But you can’t touch my spirit cuz I’m living in it
But I’m free when I dream… (x2)

Oh, the hour is coming the war will be over
The fever will break, there will be peace
We’ll embrace one another as sisters & brothers
But I’m free when I dream… (x2)


I can still see her face shining over the ocean
Still hear her voice calling to me
And it still fills my heart with loving emotion
But I’m free when I dream… (x4)