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Quotes and Comments

ReverbNation reviews for the song CLEAN ENERGY:

"Nice lyrics! Very uplifting and about an important topic, that is often dismissed/discounted. Great vocals! The harmony is excellent for this type of song. Great medley to go down the road to on a bright sunny day! Very positive vibes being sent via song, and gives you something to think about. You accomplished a lot by the message alone. Good beat that is easy to dance to!" 

"The beat in the beginning of this song automatically is perceived by listeners as positive which is exactly what the artist is trying to convey. The tone is very happy as well as the mood. The artist believes that its up to everyone to create clean energy and not anyone else. The message is beautiful."

Warren Clark, D.Min, in St. Augustine, FL:

     "That moment at St. Paul AME church with all of us: children, diners, and the cooks was a bridge moment of great joy for me and for others I have talked with since then. Thank you for using your life energy to help heal the world. "

Susan Smith Mitchell on Seattle House Concert:

     "What a lovely evening with beautiful music! "

Dominic Chung:

     "We listened to the CD all the way home!

     "Good  Time" is our favorite! "

Ian Champeny:

"I've been listening to the CD and have really enjoyed it. I feel a lot of different influences in the music and like the mixture of styles."
From Barb Hofmeister on The Northwest Express gig at the Eugene Saturday Market:
"I was delighted to see your group and it was a wonderful performance. Such variety, pep, fun and great music. You look like you're having as much fun as the audience and that adds to the delight of we audience members. Such a talented group.  It's always great to see an accomplished female sax (and flute) player."
From Royce Jones, songwriter:
"'A House Divided' is a great song, and the video which goes along with it is excellent. Congratulations."
From Director of Religious Education (Katy Siepert, MAT) at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Eugene:
"Thank you again for your time and talents! The kids had a great Sunday, and you were an integral part of making that happen - I so appreciate it!"
From Saliha Abrams on the unreleased Rob Tobias CD, Ripples and The Beauty:
"I'm listening to your CD right now. I find it really inspiring, and fun to sing to."
From, fans comment on music from the new CD:
"Nice rhythm, nice message", Very nice talent", "You have a wonderful sound. Love the sax", "Swings", "Fresh", "Great, love your sound."
From focus group on the song The Northwest Express:
"I love the melody - great hook. the vocals are great. The instrumentalists are great. Love it. It has a wonderful 'rolling along' feel."
"With the way this song feels, CCR is the first thing that comes to mind. Accompanying harmonica adds a nice flavor to a great rock and roll tune."
"Well this song it's a great song to listen on the road to Memphis or something like that...Good back vocals,drums and guitars. it's a happy song and it talks for it compliments to this fantastic band." "Nice song, nice vibe. Very relaxed with a cool slide guitar. I enjoyed it. The production sounds good."
"The song makes me remember how the land use to be. Great music and message. Left me wanting and dreaming of a time long ago."
From Amie Chaudoir music coordinator for the Winter Market in Eugene:
"Rob, your music was delightful and brought our community center alive. I heard your song about Lincoln (A House Divided) and found it most inspiring."
From Sara Zolbrod about the song circle at Tsunami Books:
"Rob, thanks SO much for organizing and leading the singing last week. That was so much fun for me and it means a lot to me that people like you make opportunities like it. Just wanted to thank you for your lovely style of leadership and sharing with other people as you did."
From Alan Ash at the Ad Olam ( Singing Alive event:
"That was real nice yesterday, thank you for your giving to the community as you seem to do on a regular basis."
From Rabbi Hanan Sills of Ad Olam, Synagogue Without Walls:
"Your new melody that we used in our service reminds me of Shlomo at his best. It's a story in song without words, real soul singing and channeling."
From Greg Fremstad & Maggie Vargas at the Koho Bistro venue:
"Maggie and I really enjoyed your music last night at Koho's. You two (Rob & Ralph) really have a lot of talent and put on a good gig."
From Vicy Megowan:
"My favorite of all your songs is still Traveling Again. I usually play it the most when listening to your CD. I love the lyrics in Hope for the Future and see it as a song that can awaken or re-kindle parts of us to make this world a better place. There's something about setting a theme to music that can awaken us on a more sub-conscious level too because it's more emotional than the spoken word."
From Royce Jones, songwriter:
"Rob, I had to write to tell you how much I'm enjoying your song blogs. I can't tell you which one I like the best, for I find myself listening to all of them again and again. By the way, your arrangement of Why Won't You Bring the Troops Home, Uncle Sam? is great. You really capture the spirit of the song. Thanks, and keep those songs coming!"
From the Sante Fe Art Opening:
"Rob, you did what no else in Sante Fe does. You brought people together and into the gallery. I'm very happy."
Adieb Khadoure
From Tsunami Books CD concert:
"I loved the music. Thanks for sharing your gifts with all of us lucky people. I especially felt moved by your Jordan River Song. I felt that Great Spirit was truly present with your entire band when you sang that and shared what you did. Thanks again."
From the Tree of Life Bookstore:
"What a wonderful performance! Such talented people, such deep feeling in your playing, resonating with each other. Want to hear more!!"
George Lachman
From Solala Towler at June 11 Interfaith service:
"That was a great song (Avinu Malkeinu). Very moving. I think it's your best."