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April 3, 2013

Rob Tobias - Portland, Oregon - house concert comments:

The house party you performed at was wonderful. Thank you so much for contributing you're time and talent.   Diane Cohen-Alpert (President of P'nai Or)

"My heart is filled with so much love"  Indeed - those lyrics keep echoing for me, Rob. Thanks for giving us your voice and presence.  Blessings, Yehudah (Alan) Winter

Hope to see/hear you again : )  Mark Nedleman

May 15, 2012

The first video from the Rob Tobias and The Northwest Express CD is now on Comments always appreciated.


Comments on the video for the song

"A House Divided" :

I really enjoyed your tune, the video, lyrics and the heart and thought behind them. Really well done. I also thought that you were very creative with how you used the video aspect of this. Abe Lincoln was a great man - we could really use someone like him now.  Thanks again for what you've done. I truly enjoyed this.

Wow Rob…cool video…you must have had a great time making it!

Hi Rob, beautiful video! Really enjoyed the music and scenics, and your last look at the very end was a surprising and poignant touch;  it said to me, 'I ain't just whistlin' Dixie, folks.'  Thanks for sending.

Well done!!!              FAB ! MAZAL TOV!            Good one Rob!

I love the video!!!!  In the credits I would have put you as the songwriter as the first item.

Very nice video Rob! Congrats!!  Nancy Evergreen has a great last name for a Northwest Express vocalist!

I remember playing with toy guns at your place on Mt. Pleasant (when we were kids)...We probably had the last great Civil War Battle... I remember both sides suffering severe losses.   Really enjoyed the video.

May 1, 2012

Digital Dowloads for new recordings by Rob Tobias and Friends now availble. Just send an email to for details.  RIPPLES AND THE BEAUTY  features the harmonies of Karly Loveling and Shiloh Circle and also the first use of ukelele on a Rob Tobias recording.  Most of these songs were inspired by the song circle / singing alive / sing along events that I have taken part in over the last few years.


A folk trio of Shiloh, Rob and
Karly at the end of a
2011 recording project. 


November 1, 2011
Rob Tobias and The Northwest Express
CD Release Concert at Cozmic Pizza

An enthusiastic crowd showed up for the concert and CD release party.  CD on sale at


August 2010
Rooster Blues Jam at Eugene Celebration

Roosters Blues Jam took to the Broadway Stage at the Eugene Celebration as a large enthusiastic crowd danced, watched, and listened appreciatively.


Rob Tobias played his "Planetary Blues" song with Natty O on guitar, T-Bone Stone on harmonica, Bill Shreve on bass, and Danny Miller on drums. 

To see a video from the event go to:  THE PLANETARY BLUES VIDEO


George Harrison Tribute draws praise

March 2009

On February 28 the 5th annual George Harrison Tribute took place at Cozmic Pizza.  The event organized by Rob Tobias includes the indian music of BINDAAS, the eclectic sounds of WINDHORSE, and the rock and folk rock of MAYA LOVE.

To see a video from the event go to: 


Between 150 and 200 people attended the show and a good time was had by all.  Some quotes from the show:

"I rather enjoyed a really really great show. I was inspired."  Rob Karnuth 


"We really enjoyed the show! It was definitely worth the trip - all the way from Corvallis... It's a great venue - food, ambiance, and music was great. I also liked the lyrics for the 3rd verse of  "Devil's Been Busy"  Bill and Karen Gazeley


"I was very impressed by your George Harrison Tribute, you guys obviously put a lot of work into getting all the songs down and stuff. You did an excellent job on just about all of them, I don't think I heard a bad rendition there at all. 

Nice work man." Colin (from England)


Solstice / Hanukah Celebration

December 2008

A large crowd gathered at the Unitarian Church in Eugene on Dec 21 for a celebration of the season that really combined several communites including:

Ad Olam Synagauge Without Walls, The Unitarian Church and the Pagan folks. 

Rob Tobias and Friends played music and others contributed prayers and ritual.

Libby Grace Kavanah wrote this in her email: "What a wonderful community gift!  Thank you!  It was so wonderful meeting friends old and new, watching the children play together, dancing with one and all, sharing latkes! And the music!!! The music was the thread that wove us all together!  All of you are a blessing!


Rob Tobias on YouTube

Novemer 2008

My first performances on YouTube are two songs (Hope For The Future: and Be That Change: I played on a rooftop in San Francisco.  Thanks to Ron Rattner who blocked the wind from the camera, was my host, and who's IMovie and computer allowed me to post the videos.  Enjoy!


Rob & The Blueside

July 2008

Rob & The Blueside, formed in early 2007 to play club and festival dates, have started working on a CD project.  New recordings of Green is Hot!, Hope For The Future, Wealth of Kings and more are being recorded at Tobias's Adams Street Studio.  In the photo below (left to right) are drummer Theo, bassist, Natty O, keyboardist / vocalist Rob, and guitarist, Ralph.




Charles H. Tobias Jr., RIP

October 2007

My father, Charles H. Tobias Jr. passed away on October 18 due to complications from colon cancer.  I loved my Dad.  I was in awe of my Dad.  He was a fountain of knowledge.  Above all he was a family man.  He never beamed more than when we were all together.  He loved his parents, his brothers, his three kids and grandkids so deeply.  We all felt it.  When I was young he helped me ride a bike.  He took me to the 1961 World Series.  He took me out of a Christmas concert because we were singing about Jesus.  Nothing stirred his passion and activism more than the separation of Church and State issue.  Dad was a great reader.  Especially history, but he was not above a trashy novel.  I loved just talking to him.  Even as a kid… great discussions around the dinner table.  Or after dinner, if you could brave the cigar smoke you could get into more deep conversations with him.  Goodbye my father, my friend, my inspiration, my appreciation and gratitude run very deep, I am very fortunate to have had you as my Dad.  You said you loved me and were proud of me and that meant so much to me.   We all need as many people in the world who love us as we can.  I lost one who loved me greatly but I can still feel his love and I think I always will. They say a person doesn’t really die until the memory of them dies.  His time here has run out but may his beautiful spirit live on in each of us who knew him and loved him. 


Rob & Melanie on ABC TV

August 2007

Melanie Rios, who has been playing violin with Rob Tobias over the last two years, was recently featured in an episode of the TV show, Wife Swap.  Rob and Melanie played a concert for the ABC cameras and a small edited piece of it made the program. Despite the show's focus on what they portrayed as extreme recycling, Melanie was able to get her message of compassion and ecological awareness across to millions of Americans faced with choices everyday that can make a difference in the fight against global warming.


'Song of the Month' on

January 2007

Rob Tobias is beginning a new creative venture by posting new recordings each month on this website.  The songs will be topical and mostly original.  Feedback is welcome by email and by signing the guestbook.


By The River CD Release Concert

December 2005

Rob Tobias and Friends give CD release concert at Tsumani Books in Eugene.

"I loved the music. Thanks for sharing your gifts with all of us lucky people. I especially felt moved by your Jordan river song. It felt that Great Spirit was truly present with your entire band when you sang that and shared what you did. Thanks again."  Amira (audience member)


Concert Preview in Eugene Register Guard

December, 16 2005

Eugene songwriter creates spiritual journey soundtrack

In 2003, Eugene singer-songwriter Rob Tobias took a trip to Israel. The result is his latest CD, "By the River: Renewing the Jewish Spirit." He'll celebrate the CD's release with a party on Saturday at Tsunami Books. The river of the title and the CD's artwork isn't the Willamette, although Tobias said it could be. Instead, the photos were taken along the Jordan River in northern Israel, where Tobias visited while on a kibbutz.

to read the rest of the article by Carolyn Lamberson click here


Rob & Maxx at Emanuel

March 2005

Rob Tobias and Maxxine played for an enthusiastic audience at Congregation Emanuel in Seattle, WA.  "Maxx & Rob's performance really was wonderful, with messages of peace & hope and the energy of healing." Allen Bauer (listener)

"When Rob and Maxx play flute and harmonica together it's like listening to birds and bees." Morgan (pre-teen)


Rob Tobias Wins Open Mic

August 2004

While in Chicago for a wedding Rob played two songs at the Uncommon Ground open mic competition and was voted the best performer of the night. "That was great man, awesome harmonica playing." A fellow performer at Uncommon Ground


Rob Tobias, Rabbi Hanan, and Maxxine travel to Northern California

May 2004

"Rob and Maxxine delighted us with their informal, yet professional, concert of Jewish music. Unique renditions of classics as well as beautiful and heartfelt originals by Rob provided holy messages that were accented by Maxxine's genius on the flute. The inimitable Reb Hanan's stories and songs touch body and soul and resonate with truth and joy." Rabbi Shoshanah Devorah, Ukiah.


Press Releases

Rob Tobias and Friends

"By The River " (Renewing the Jewish Spirit)

January 2006

A song cycle from the world of Jewish Renewal, Eugene style, or as local Rabbi Hanan Sills says, Rob Tobias songs are like “old wine in new bottles”. Indeed many of the songs on the new CD have been used as part Rabbi Hanan’s, Ad Olam / Synogouge Without Walls services. A few of the songs were inspired by a tour of Israel that Rob and a group of 20 people, including flute playing friend Maxxine, took in December 2003. The music can be described as contemporary Jewish folk or even Jewish Americana.

Some of the songs are familiar prayers or songs set to a new tune or arrangement. Hi Ney Matov, Sh’ma, and Rock of Ages all are given new treatments. Traveling Again is a song about the past Jewish experience of having being uprooted and having to travel to find a new home. This was written in preparation for the trip to Israel and the Jordan River Song was written while staying on the Kfar Blum Kibbutz on the Jordan in northern Israel.

The CD features the flute of Maxxine, mandolin and sitar by Jeremy Wegner and vocal harmonies by Nancy Wood and others. Rob Tobias plays acoustic guitar, keyboard, and harmonica. Rich Glauber plays bass and some piano with Ken Sokaloff on drums and percussion.


Rob Tobias and Friends "World in the World"

October 2003

Eugene singer/songwriter Rob Tobias released his fourth CD of original songs on October 18, 2003. The new CD project titled, "World in the World" takes on themes of peace and justice as well as more personal songs of hope, love, family, and friendship. As a songwriter Tobias explores a variety of musical styles including reggae, rock, country, Jewish roots, folk, and blues but overall can be described as World Folk.


The new CD features the dynamic flute playing of Seattle resident, Maxxine. The expressive dialogue between Rob, on piano, acoustic guitar and harmonica, and Maxxine, create a powerful musical energy which is very uplifting. Also in the group are Jeremey Wegener (mandolin/sitar), Nancy Verdouw (vocal harmony), Ken Sokaloff (drums, percussion) and Natty Bumpo (bass).




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