"This kind of a delicious eclectic gumbo, mixing an extraordinary variety of musical styles, all reinforcing very positive, often spiritual themes. Tobias, a gifted songwriter with many talents, attracts a wonderful group fo associates in this project -not least- Maxxine, whose playing infects most of the songs with a high and happy energy. "Blessings," a boucy opening song provides just what it promises. "Narrow Bridge/Tree of Life" manages to combine reggae and a Klezmer edge. "Where is the Peace?" moves through a gentle reggae vibe and many seeming lullabyes and plaintive prayers follow. I don't think you had to live through the rebirth of the 1960s to enjoy this celebration of peace and diverse cultures. Most will simply enjoy and find a quiet home in the music that has resulted in the music that has resulted from Rob Tobias's profound, creative life journey.

Victory Review
March 2004 by Bill Fisher

If you get a bunch of your best friends together and make an album full of songs about peace and love, this is what you'd get. Far from doom-and-gloom, "World in the World" offers messages of hope and possibility. It's a refreshing change from the "we're all gonna die" message albums.
Stylistically, this album works because the flow of music and lyrics places every song on the same realm of the possibility of a brighter future. It's fun music that teaches without preaching.

Independent Songwriter Web Magazine
February 2004

"The lyrics that come through Rob Tobias are nothing less than inspired prayer. The music Rob and Maxxine create together surround these prayerful words and carry them into the spheres where prayers are heard and answered.

Author/Therapist/Teacher, Renee Welfeld November 2003

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