Rob Tobias' first album, Constant Rain, forges the path the artist takes into upbeat, folk/pop sing along melodies. His bright wit and heart warming lyrics soothe the listener into a trouble-free space. Very similar in style to his second work, Bagel Roots and Water Dogs.

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July 1999


It's hard to pigeonhole this one into one distinct category, but Rob Tobias is surely delivering messages of optimism, good times, spirituality, and hope. He does it drawing from personal experience and observation, not images derived for the sake of a good story.

Musically, Tobias uses a wide range of styles, without compromising the overall feel of the collection. The mix includes the bluesy "If I Woke Up To A Miracle" and light rockers "It'd Make A Good Movie" and "Love Won't Wait". Vocal backing on several cuts by The Inspirational Sounds Choir give the occasional gospel feel.

Lyrically, as well as musically, Tobias evokes comparison to veterans such as Randy Newman (lots of piano base) and Bob Dylan (well placed harmonica). Top Cuts: New Earth, Circle, It'd Make A Good Movie

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Constant Rain hails from Eugene, Oregon, but is universal in it's lyrical message of light, love and hope.

Tobias has brought together a rich confluence of music in this album with a full backup of talented musicians and singers. The blend is both interesting and enjoyable, with musical tones as varied as Mexican, Jewish and Gospel.

Sound original? Throw in a little Dylan and a lot of Tobias, and you've got it! . . . one unique album. Visionary poetry carries this music along: "May this rain bring miracles to the earth and plant the seeds of peace and justice throughout."

The album opens with three songs that are backed by the lush Gospel tones of the Inspirational Sounds Gospel Choir. Circle is especially danceable, with a strong upbeat rhythm and Dylan-like harmonica riffs. A true song of unity and celebration, it suggests that when people get together with their schemes "We put the power in motion to live out our dreams."

If I Woke Up to a Miracle dives into pure bluesy fun, and is a wake up call to the vision of a world free of discrimination and war, where "species would thrive in forest alive/With harmony and respect for the land.../We'd learn to live by the secret of our soul." In the last cut, What Do I Know?, Tobias reaches into his Jewish heritage, musing on the lessons of the past, and the holocaust.

Altogether, Constant Rain is great music for dancing, driving, working around the house, and just plain listening. These catchy tunes are fun to sing along with and definitely uplifting to the heart. Highly recommended.

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A respectable self-produced debut by Oregon singer/songwriter Rob Tobias. His strength is in blues inflected up-tempo works.

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It's difficult to comprehend such a positive, hopeful collection of songs. Even in recognizing room for an improved world, Tobias structures his observations to ring with healing affirmation.

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Tobias swerves between blues shuffles, to folk/rock, to a Jimmy Buffett sound-alike (It'd Make a Good Movie). The strength of the album is in the arrangements and harmony work, especially by the Inspirational Gospel Choir on Gates of Love. This tune builds from a gentle folk shuffle into a harmonic explosion.

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