Rob Tobias' second album provides fresh good feeling music. His instrumental passages land in the pocket and you can't help but smile as you listen to his works.

The music is sing-a-long good time acoustic folk pop while occasionally melding into sophisticates story-teller style. Families will appreciate the substantive and appealing content.

earBuzz Review, July 1999,


Eugene singer/songwriter Rob Tobias offers up a set of original songs that celebrate the spiritual in everyday life with humor and hope.

His music covers a wide stylistic range, from pop and country to Texas swing to reggae, all played with a pleasantly relaxed yet groovy feel.

Tobias' songs are innocent without being naive, optimistic without ignoring the difficulties of life. Indeed, some songs address issues such as the struggle for social justice, environmental conservation, and the death of a friend, managing to avoid cynicism or dishonest sentimentality.

Favorites were "Walk the Bagel" and "Standing on Holy Ground."

Victory Music Review
July 1998
by Richard Middleton